5 Ways to Improve Day 1 Retention

On my previous post I explained retention and why it is the most important metric of your game. Now, you started monitoring your retention, but turns out it isn’t nearly as good as you hoped. What can you do to get to your retention to the average D1 40% or higher?

If many people have issues with your game at the very beginning, even less people are going to play it for long. I’ll follow up with a post on how to improve long term retention.

Here are the 5 tips on how to improve your day 1 retention:

  1. Get your First Time User Experience right;
  2. Have a decent gameplay, good graphics and production value;
  3. Short gameplay sessions, especially in the beginning;
  4. Notify players who didn’t come back to the game in 24h, but don’t push it too hard;
  5. Give your players a reason to come back.

A better retention on the early days has direct impact on the long term retention, and better retention has direct impact on the quality of your game and its monetization capabilities.

Also watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-errr1CKHVs

Take care!

Author: Gabriel Stürmer

CMO of Cupcake Entertainment.