Combine and sum numbers then watch them explode in the best math puzzle game. It’s free!

Math Puzzle Game!

Numbers of Gold mixes math and puzzles to create an ultra fun brain puzzle game.



Don't worry, unlike mathematics in school, Numbers of Gold is fun and easy to play. Combine the numbers to sum them up to the level objective, then watch them explode. The bigger the sequence, the better!


Use the sequences to blast the hundreds of puzzles we have created in Numbers of Gold. Every level is a different challenge, every challenge = more fun!

Beat the Owls

The owls use all of their brain power to ruin your game, be prepared. Make long sequences of numbers to beat their mathematical skills!

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Math Puzzle game?

With Numbers of Gold, we have created a unique math puzzle game where you don't only create number sequences, but you use them to beat puzzles. You may start creating combinations in the bottom-left of the board and have to cross them until you get a number placed in the top-right corner.

Have fun with your brain

At Cupcake we are passionate about creating casual brian puzzle games. Those are games where you have fun while you exercise your brain. Numbers of Gold is the ultimate display of casual brain puzzle game, as you have to plan your moves ahead of time while still enjoying a fast paced and fun gameplay

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  • - Link numbers in any direction to make sequences;
  • - Available in multiple languages (English, Deutsch, Frainçais, Português and Español) for ultimate math fun game;
  • - Easy and fun to play, but it is the perfect brain training exercise;
  • - Unlock boosters and powers to help you along the way;
  • - Over 600 levels of mathematical games;
  • - Play with big numbers and short numberz, advance through levels, challenge your friends or play by yourself;
  • - Be social! Follow your numberful friends progress! Give lives, add friends and see your firends' progress on the map.