Words of Gold

A free online scrabble puzzle game you can play against the computer.
Create the biggest word
Have fun by creating the biggest words and beating the puzzles.
Create words
Look for words at the grid and then select, If turns gold it is a valid word.
Lots of challenges
Sometimes, you will need to deal with some challenges in the grid. Get free of them to win the level.
The bad owls
The owls use all of their power to ruin your game, be prepared.
Scrabble Puzzle?
With Words of Gold, we have created a unique word game where you don' only create words, but you use them to beat some puzzles. You may start creating words in the bottom-left of the board and have to cross them until you get a letter places in the top-right corner.
Have fun with your brain
At Cupcake we are passionate about creating casual brian puzzle games. Those are games where you have fun while you exercise your brain. Words of Gold is the ultime display of casual brain puzzle game, as you have to plan your moves ahead of time while still enjoying a fast paced and fun gameplay.
You can play Words of Gold in your iPhone. iPad and Android phones and tablets, as well as online on Facebook. The game will also sync your progress across platforms.